What can do COMFORTLIFE for You?

COMFORTLIFE is your everyday companion to Manage all your favorite brandname equipment, by voice or mobile.

Only one App to install and manage all your home and professional equipment.

You like Samsung TV, it's ok.

You like Legrand Plug, it's ok.

You like Nest Thermostat, it's ok.

You like Netatmo Camera, it's ok.

You like Semac Alarm, it's ok.

You want to manage by voice with Amazon Echo or Google Home, it's ready to use.

You want to manage locally and remote, no problem.

You want to configure restriction for children or service people, no problem.

You want to receive push, email, or sms on event, no problem.

You want to create scenario that includes different brands, no problem, and you can launch scenario by voice.

You want to get event message on your TV when you are watching movies, it's also ok.

Your Comfortable Life

Easy for you to manage with only one App, all you use every day, security, comfort, health care and game.

Family Comfort

Manage all your Comfort Life Sytem, like automatic gate, intelligent TV, heater, air conditionner, or what you like from different brandname.

Family Fun

manage period, date and time permission and share pleasure event with your childrens about all brandname drone, game box or internet acces.

Family Health

Manage and share all brandname health and sport equipment with your family. Create a family dynamic to live in harmony.

Family Surveillance

Manage all your security system, camera, alarm, doorbell, videodorphone , fire detector, temperature and air sensor, of different brandname

Product Brandname you like

They create new technology for better life.

we give you interface to manage it for comfortable life

Together We Can by ComfortLife Inc.

Enjoy with ComfortLife

Comfortable Life

share and manage children game

Take care family health

Protect your family